Learning Theories: How they have contributed to my learning process….

Prior to taking this course, I was under the impression that there were only 4 learning styles:

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic learners
  4. Read/Write

Between these 4 choices of learning style, I am100% confident that my learning style wavered between Visual and Kinesthetic.  Throughout my entire educational and professional career, I’ve always retained information and learned from “seeing” things done and being able to replicate based on what I observed (visual); and “doing/tinkering” with a problem until I resolved it (Kinesthetic).

Now that I am aware of the learning theories, I think I’ve gained a more in-depth understanding of how I learn. Granted, I still know that I am a Visual and Kinesthetic learner, however, based on the learning theories we have covered, I think each theory contributes to the way I have learned in its entirety over the years based on a given scenario.

For the past 8 week, we have worked with 6 different learning theories:

  1. Behaviorist Theory
  2. Cognitive Theory
  3. Constructivist Theory
  4. Social Learning Theory
  5. Connectivism
  6. Adult Learning Theory

As I mentioned in my Week 1 post, as a child, I think a lot of my learning process was through the behaviorism.  I learned not to touch a hot stove by touching it, seeing it was hot, and never touching hot stove again because of the negative reinforcement encountered.  As time progress and became older, the other theories contributed to my learning.

Technology has played a significant role in my learning process via various vessels such as e-Learning courses, Social Media, YouTube, and networking virtually with other individuals.  Participating in the online discussions for the past 8 weeks is a prime example of technology playing an important role in my learning process.  Taking this course has afforded me the opportunity of communicating with my peers and class facilitator which has assisted me with learning through elaboration and also obtaining new knowledge as it pertains to this course.


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